Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Friday, 22 July 2011

almond valley farm

Today we all went to the farm - the kids loved it. So did Grand-mama and Momo. I still feel a little off, no sure whats up. Going to have an early night and see if that helps any. The highlight of the farm was the wee train ride, doodle was in awe watching them 'hook up'.
Sadie love was so sweet with all the animals, desperate to touch the wee shetland pony.
The 2 milk maids, archie loving the beep beeps - he was shouting about mummys milk and beep beeps when he saw the huge udders on the bouncy castle cow LOL

Thursday, 21 July 2011

think we did it!

my wee darling has done it, this is the result of 8.30pm - 6.30am sleeping in own bed. She is doing so well and as you can see is so very happy in the morning. She still comes in and has mumas milk in the am, and is fed to sleep at night - but hey ho. full nights sleep for mum = happy energetic mum during the day (well that's the plan, think it might take a few more days before I catch up after 3 years of broken sleep). Our next big step is Archie's potty antics - that's a whole other story - save it for a day when I'm not shattered.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

what day is it again.....

What a cheeky wee besom your getting Haha.....
But my darling - you did it, you slept from 11pm - 6am, I was awake before you...fretting something was wrong. But don't worry I fell back to sleep.
Had to add a wee one of stinky brother, climbing as usual with mental hair!
We went with Momo today to a new Farm shop - Archie spent the whole journey saying her wanted to go to muddy boots, however he was the strawberry picker par excellence, so well behaved and loved it. Although, he did run away during coffee - due to his choclate icecream being finished, when I finally found him, he'd exited the place and ws filling a PYO tub with the strawberries already in punnets for sale on the shelves, I was cracking up - he was so proud of himself 'a pick strawberies mummy'. Sadie ate her own weight in rasps during picking - hmmm to tomorrows nappies, might have to make sure daddy is on nappy duty.
These babies are destined for the jam pan......yummy

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Meeting Mr Brown

No photo as yet, hoping to get one from the local paper. Pug, myself and the kids all went to sainsburys on friday to collect a cheque on behalf of sands. I wasn't that fussed until the night before when Pug said he wanted to come too and that we were meeting an ex world leader. In the US you'd never get that close to an expresident - so off we all trotted on friday morning. I had expected a quick hand over of the gigantic cheque and a wee photo, but no. Mr Brown came and sat with us and 2 other charities for a wee blether. He was quite genuine and was adorable with Sadie, who loved him and giggled and flirted outrageously. The photographer took a ton of photos, but none in todays paper - I had hoped we'd be in. It seems great for sands - and more importantly for newly bereaved mums to see a mum who has gone on to have live happy babies. SO if nothing comes of it, i'll send a photo and wee blurb to the weekly local paper. I did tell Mr Brown about Alfie and as his wee girl Jennifer died in forth park also I felt some kind of mutual understanding, i suppose. Archie spent the whole time saying 'hello gordon'....very cute and a big hit too. Bummer we never won the pitch though - the othr 2 charities both have paid employees - i wished i'd remembered ot say we were all bereaved volunteers - next time. Felt proud to be meeting him and for the kids, and I did tell him with out their big brother we wouldn't be there - without there big brother we'd be at a very different place today - thank you my darling wee man for all the good things you've given us my shining star xxx

4th morning and it's all becoming a blur

Look at that cheeky face, shouting at her mummy - the latest is pointing at everything, oh and she can now climb in and out of her sandpit and the front door, and best of all - empty mums kitchen cupboards
Well, she is improving at settling - phew, however she is still up sooo early and this am she never went back to sleep. Sadie is much happier playing in mummy daddy bed - so we both went back and had a great big nap in the late morning - felt lazy but needed. Plus it is totally puring down so nowt much to do outside anyways. Sat niht is choclate night = happy mummy xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

morning 3 - scared to say we saw an improvement.....

Well, Sadie missed her aft nap yesterday because we had a lovely day at the beach. So by 7pm she was shattered - fell asleep in own bed on her own - woo hoo...but alas, 8.45 she wakes and isn't a happy bunny. I gave her a big feed and daddy sang her back to sleep - yai hai, she slept until 3.30am!!! but then wouldn't be settled without a feed after much trying caved in at 5am and brought her into my bed - I was shattered. so now I know she can sleep for 6hrs uninterrupted, just have to get the right 6 hrs. She just went down 20mins ago - so fingers crossed for another few hrs....a wee sneaky 11pm sleep and then maybe - 5am? am I asking too much? hmmm i feel a fall coming

Thursday, 14 July 2011

morning 2 in the big bed....

The second am - she did no bad, She is however shouting at me from her room as I type this, hatin it (both of us are), got to stay strong. Last night she managed - 10.30pm bf and daddy sang her to sleep - the her usual night wake - again daddy settled her and up at 5.45am for her bf, fell back to sleep with me until 7.30 ....my big girl we can do this baby. xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Finally spoke to the woman tonight about my new tattoo - it was a chance meeting, her shop happened to be open as I left knitwits. I popped into see a friends hats that ar eonsale int eh shop and spoke about the tattoo. So it's agreed - on my wee mans aniversary this year I will finally be getting his memorial tattoo. sad and happy all at once. X

the morning after.....

The beautiful Ms S P WIlliams after her 1st night in her own bed! Well, it took 2 and half hours to get her to sleep, she woke at 11pm for a BF then at 1.30 her dad settled her and then at 5.15am she woke for her am feed - not bad for a 1st go. She has spent her entire life so far sleeping next to the best 24hr cafe in her world........mummy misses her x

Monday, 11 July 2011

sadie sadie pretty lady - 1st bday party

God it's only been just over a week since we had the wee ones party - and it feels like an eternity ago! mainly because the weather feels like a different season.
We made her a yummy cake, which everyone really enjoyed - to my relief. I spent days cooking, I wanted everything to be just right - your only one once and I know no more wee ones are comign along to spoil.
Scones for the tea party, I even made 2 kinds of jam (a new and exciting experience)
I have some weirdo look going on in this photo, but ti's braw to have one of us together.....Archie will have been off knicking some cakes or throwing himsel around on the bouncy castle.

Friday, 1 July 2011

cuteness on my birthday

uncle antony took this lovely photo. i look a wee bit bewildered but im ok really x

sorry guys, just tried this out on my new phone to see how it would work - must learn how to rotate and save photos prior to posting!