Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Saturday, 10 August 2013

sentimental summer

What an awesome summer we have had.
The amazing glorious sun has made life so much sweeter, and subsequently I've felt that life feels full of possibilities.  This may be due to Pugs starting work as a fully qualified nurse!!!!! All those months of hard slog for all of us has paid off. I have gained a small (temporary) promotion at work, moving into pupil support which I am both terrified and excited about.

Archie my darling starts school in a few days time.....such mixed emotions. I know in many ways he will thrive, he is a sponge for info and loves facts and knowledge, his catch phrase this summer has been " tell me everything you know about - insert any random topic - mummy". He does however struggle doing things he isn't interested of. My main worry is whether he will make pals, I know he is adorable,  but of course I want everyone else to also. He is pretty full on and enthusiastic and not your run of the mill wee man, I know he'll sort it out himself, yet nevertheless it is hard.
We did have some breakthroughs this summer, Archie gave up his tata and after  few weeks of me having to help him to sleep we cracked it with audio books, in particular fantastic Mr fox. Mini no longer gets her tata out the house which has been easy.

Mainly we have been beaching, day tripping, parking, swimming a lot! Lunching, snuggling, having long breakfasts, picking strawberries and making jam, playing with wee pals and cousins

We had a fantastic week glamping in a safari tent living with chickens, ducks, lambs and rabbits, cooking outdoors and running on the sand.

We had our last ever swim in kirkcaldy pool as a family, such sentimental swimming, we spent a huge chunk of our lives in that pool. I swam my 5ks there, I swam with Alfie there, I trained for 100's of miles over the last 35 years. it will be amazing to have a new clean pool, but it was sad to say goodbye.......

At the beginning of summer is was so eager to make sure we did stuff, even writing a list. I quickly realised that spending time with family is and friends was what I needed, the kids and me together just being was more important than going rushing around, what they want is me, even if it is just a evening walk to the supermarket and a wee chat along the way. I must remember for future holidays it is the simple act of being together is what matters.

Shit I miss my kids when I'm working. Looking forward to our next phase on our crazy wee journey.

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