Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Sunday, 8 July 2012

196-200 happy developments

Lots of good things happening this week (must keep reminding myself of that, cause lots of other not so good stuff happening too!).

Good stuff.
1. Mum went  out to the shops the other day alone and left my dad in the house......they both survived. A huge step for both of them, things are looking up.

2. Mum and dad went out for dinner last night with friends, my dad pointed to what he wanted on the menu. We can only assume he is reading well, as he chose 2 things we know he really likes and would have been a normal choice for him. Another big step, both on the communication front and on the life returning to some kind of normality.

3. Monica, the kids, Ants Kirsty and their kids and mum and dad and I are all going away for a wee break. The place looks awesome, and isn't far away so mum and dad can come up for 2 nights...anymore is too much right now. I am so looking forward to all of us being together. I also have plans to crochet and make more of a dent in the granny sq blanket, eat (always a popular activity in our family - already bought a side of salmon to do a gravlax, inspired by our current love of all things scandi/nordic), run run run to compensate for the eat eat eating I will be doing. Best of all we are going to play play play, I bought a raincoat  today - not something I ever thought I would do, I am clearly becoming middle aged and sensible...this rain coupled with our extensive park/walking with pram routine kinda demands one.

The kids and I have had load of fun this week, we are getting into a nice rhythm of being free and easy. We are much more confident going out and about the 3 of us together sans car or other responsible adult ( Archie and I are finding our way in terms of managing behaviour in shops phew! finally).

Bad stuff
The crappy news is I have been rejected for a jobshare position at work. I have no idea why (well not true, I know fine well I don't fit the image of my work and as my track record re time off is piss poor the boss would drop kick my ass out the front door if he got  a chance) - I should say official idea. Just a letter saying rejected. I can still go down to 3 days a week, however I won't get my 5 days back in 2 years time.....need to weigh up the pros and cons. Not sure how easy work will be knowing I'm persona non grata - social leper etc. The current ethos in the school is not really my cuppa so no love lost. So long as the kids are happy in my class, I have no major behaviour management issues and my exam classes are performing well, I'm cool with it. I will enjoy seeing the kids again and missing my girlie knitting club chats. Can't begin to think to far ahead right now, so will accept what universe has thrown at us once again and move graciously forward.

On the creative front - been sewing away. sorbetto tops are becoming a favourite. Just got a new lisette pattern which will be being made this week. I also made some bloomers, a wee trial idea for a craft fair, cute. I made them in Chinese satin with mint green bows.

I also wanted to say a quick thanks so everyone who is reading and not commenting - I know who you are! My stats tell me ha ha. I had an awesome chat with an old pal last night who mentioned she'd be keeping up to date with our news. So thanks so all lurkers for taking the time to catch up on our lovely dads progress......we appreciate the love!

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