Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Saturday, 2 June 2012

153-4 full compliment

Dad had a full house today. My brother and his two boys visited with him this aft, then Antony Kirsty Peggy and wee Maybs at teatime then myself and Bill tonight. When I arrived Bill had just bet me to it, so I stayed out in the late eve sun with mum, it is lovely to have some time to chat with her - although we have made some progress this week in that she has watched Sadie briefly at hers while I popped to the GPs and then she took Archie to nursery so slowly some normal grandma duties are resuming.
Back to dad, he was on fine form tonight and had quite a wee laugh at various nonsense going on, he motioned 'sleep' when Bill told us he had a 3 hour aft nap (jammybesom).

We had a night in Edinburgh again, getting flat organised for this weeks visitors. Whilst there we had so much fun with Sam, V and baby Harris - see above how cute he is 'hands up high wee man', Haha showing him what to do whilst wearing his 3-6months hoodie, that girl is mini mini mini.

So Mini that I found a wee mini size glass for her this morning, she was so tickled I had to photo it to show Granda

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