Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Thursday, 21 June 2012

180-183 on the come down......

Well it has sunk in that dad is home, it has also sunk in that he is really poorly. My beautiful dad, it is friggin heartbreaking seeing him. We all met up in M&S the other day, so strange to see him outside - and a total shock to system realising how out of it he was. Poor guy, he doesn't realise that he isn't himself. He tries to do all the stuff he would do normally, going to bank, leaving house on his own, climbing up ladder to attic, banking and business seem to be his main focus, he is clearly upset about not taking care of his business. He made mum drive him to petrol station the other night - he knows how awful she is about remembering to fill the tank. I am so sad for my mum, I so desperately want him to improve for everyone sake's........too painful. I miss my lovely dad.

Mean time, we are trying to keep buoyant, starting a schedule of care visits, to relieve mum and dad. Planning a little for the future - Momo and I are going with kids up north for a few nights in Jul ( what would I do without her??) , Sadie's party is only a week away, so loads of baking and eating yummy.

Kids are great and today's wet weather activity was painting a lovely card for Archie's teacher
finger painting

booty painting

thomas painting - the train!

face painting.
I did another huge mom fail today, I must admit it was one in a line of them.....last week we missed sports day as I didn't know it was on and I didn't have enough time to get to park, it was raining and I had Tuesday club. This week I turned up and the nursery show was on - poor Archie I had no idea so no grandparents to watch him with me, nor was he in smart clothes (hmmm quite the opposite) Anyways, he was non the wiser, he couldn't have cared less and said it was boring. Give him his due he did manage to sit still for 20mins although he never sang a word.
stage debut- Johnny rotten t-shirt and soggy scarf.

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