Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Sunday, 17 June 2012

175-179 a new kind of normal

It has been ages since I wrote a blog entry, last time I had such a big gap was just before dad has his stroke.
I updated on fb the day he left hospital so I am guessing everyone was up to speed on his amazing return home.
Since then he has had my mum's version of OT, which is making him do everything for  himself and her. It is working, He managed to set the table correctly the 1st night, which is nothing short of miraculous for a guy who had 3 weeks previously tried to eat his soup with a fork. He is making the coffee (went straight to kitchen today and put kettle on as soon as we got in the door),  setting the table, reading the paper - today he let mum know about an article about a TV show that Antony was filming.
We had a crazy conversation about the weather and why we had gone to the zoo with the kids today in the rain (pretty good considering I can't really make out any actual words in his chat). We are all learning to have a new kind of normal, not just dad and mum but us as well. Archie had a great time doing a jigsaw with grandad this afternoon, I am happy just to watch them together. SO amazing to see dad so relaxed finally and mum back to her old self, she is just a remarkable woman. I always knew my mum and dad were a strong couple and pretty special folks, this recent hurdle has proved that once again. They are both an inspiration, so proud of how well my mum has handled the whole thing, she is fantastic.

We had a nice weekend, we visited the zoo for fathers day with our lovely pals and the beautiful baby Harris. I think Mini Haha thinks he is a living doll, even if he isn't a kick n the arse of her in height. She spent ages kissing him and stroking his hair - of course he lapped it up.
Doodle was a mini olympian this week, he seemed quite impressed by the whole thing, funny as he never shows much interest in sport at all. Mind you he does do his 'exercises' to get healthy with me and races me to nursery most days.
Every now and then the kids say something that tickles me so much I feel I have to record it for them to look back on, my current faves are Archie calling his big toe his 'thumb toe' and (don't ask) he was playing around with a metal hook and put it up his nose telling me he was the 'nose dentist'. I love the logic of his thinking.

Finally Sadie had a lovely wee lunch date with her sweet friend Violet, it is so nice for Mini to get some girl time - she can hold her own among the boys but some quiet Violet time is always welcomed.
Phew, only a few weeks to Mini's bday and I have tons to do. Finish a muslin for my dress, make the final dress. Make Mini's bday dress. Make the teachers a wee treat each, make some suitable strawberry things foe her party - better get some kip.

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